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Honeymoons: Dancing In the Street

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I apparently love to make embarrassing admissions right here on the Bride's Guide, so here's one more: I'm totally in love with the video for Hanson's new single "Thinking 'Bout Something." Perhaps it's because it pays homage to one of my favorite movie scenes of all time, or maybe I just never outgrew those long-haired lads with their infectious feel-good music, but the video is all kinds of catchy. It made me want to run outside and kick up my heels in a street near me. So without further ado, a few cities to do just that in with the one you love (choreographed dance number not included).

New York: OK, this is a given. But, really, what were the picturesque cobbled streets of SoHo invented for if not to shake and shimmy in? Couldn't you just picture it?

Portland: This city's so cool, you and your partner probably wouldn't even break a sweat busting a move.

Chicago: Give Aykroyd and Belushi a run for their money in the city where it all began.

What do you think? Am I alone on this one? Am I just a sucker for a Weird-Al cameo? And please tell me: where do you plan on dancing during your honeymoon?

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  • I'm getting married in Portland! My fiance and I live in Seattle, but I'm from Portland originally. It really is that cool.

  • The streets of soho are awesome. They are a great place to kick up your heels.

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