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Expert Advice: Jean Dousset

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Jean Dousset of Jean Dousset Diamonds creates jewelry for some of the most famous and fashionable people in the world. His rings are simply put, gorgeous. Not only are his designs something to be in awe of, he recently launched a new collection called "The Replica" which is an innovation that allows you to try on a replica of your ring and wear it for a while, before deciding to buy. I could not believe how lovely the ring was when I opened the pretty little grey box. This truly is a wonderful idea and at the office, we were thinking what a wonderful ring to be able to take on trips and leave your valuable wedding ring safe at home. I asked Jean to share his artistic background, insights to his design and trends for the upcoming wedding seasons. Thank you Jean for creating such a wonderful new addition to the wonderful world of weddings.

Jean Dousset

The Replica Ring

Britni Wood: How did you get your start designing jewelry?

Jean Dousset: The creative process and the artistry of jewelry making is what fascinated me most at the start of my career in Paris 15 years ago. I have always felt I had a very precise 'opinion' as to how jewelry should look and be made. I decided to start designing my own collection to see how that would materialize and how it would be received.

BW: We absolutely love your Replica engagement rings and it is such a great idea for brides. How did you come up with idea and what has the response been?

JD: I sold an engagement ring to a friend of mine who was keen on the idea of working with me but was nervous as he had never bought a ring for a women before. Once I showed him a similar ring to the one we were discussing, he felt confident about his decision and was able to move forward. A light bulb went off and I imagined the concept of sending a ring for people to see and try. I think our generation is comfortable buying everything online nowadays, including items as significant as their engagement rings. That being said, it seemed to me that being able to try your ring on and see the look and feel of it in person should really be next frontier. It is a new idea and people need to wrap their mind around it, but overall the response has been amazing and the feedback very positive. I'm very excited by it.

BW: Your website is so comprehensive and allows brides to create their ring according cut, design and budget. What else should a bride know when creating a custom ring?

JD: That when it comes to your engagement ring, timeless design is of the essence! This is the ring you will wear everyday for many years to come. They should also know that their first instinct about what they like is always to best one to fall back on when the time has come to decide what diamond cut they want and how their ring should look like. I think that there is so much information and so many designs that it can become confusing and in the spirit of wanting their ring to be unique some brides can go down the wrong path.

BW: What do you see as the new trends in engagement rings and wedding bands?

JD: I think the micro setting is solidly in place in the market and for good reasons. It is a very feminine look and has a romantic tone. It is striking without ever being flashy. Personally, I think the metal should have only a supporting role in jewelry. I think wedding bands should never be bigger than the band of the ring. The wedding band should have a supporting role and the engagement ring is the star!

BW: What do you love most about your job?

JD: Making engagement rings for people. I hear one romantic love story after the other and they are all very different. My absolute favorite part of the job is working with men on a ring for a surprise proposal. I always admire that. I think it is courageous on their part and it is the way it should be done. I think the amount of attention men put into finding the perfect engagement ring adds a significant layer to the sentiment and women love that.

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  • Jean has such great advice and beautiful designs! I adore my engagement ring and with my fiancé, we have entrusted the design of our wedding bands to Jean.
    Stop writing about him though! He's my secret!
    Claire xx

  • A website called is the original creator of this concept. Its nice to see others are catching on. The only difference is that they offer the rings to try for free and you dont have to pay a few hundred dollars for a replica.

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