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Beauty: Curl Power

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Hello my name is Cara, and I'm addicted to my eyelash curler. Yep. It's true. I curl my eyelashes about 5 times a day -- I'm actually surprised they haven't fallen out by now. I was recently talking to a friend about it, and she admitted that she hadn't ever used one. I couldn't believe it.  She was terrified I'd pinch her eyelid, but eventually I showed her how to use it (it's easier than it looks! and it doesn't hurt!), and now she's just as devoted. If you already use one, you know how amazing they are. If not, you should absolutely try one. This one below, Mally Beauty Get the Last Lash, is my favorite.

Hot tip: Curl your lashes before applying mascara -- otherwise, your curler will eventually get all gloppy with makeup reside, making the whole thing less effective (not to mention less hygenic!)

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