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Event Planning: Working With Pink Tones

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I hope you're all enjoying the Spring issue of Martha Stewart Weddings, aka the Color Issue! The editors decided to focus all their attention on lush, lovely pink, so I thought I'd write about how to use pink as an accent color, rather than an entire palette, at your wedding. I find that, though many of us love working with pink, we don't always want the overall palette to read as pink -- in fact, I'm pretty sure all grooms feel this way. So here are a few floral arrangements that represent an alternative.

Pale pink tones bring softness and light to the overall cream, taupe, and ivory palette of these bouquets. Notice also how the apricot blooms warm up the soft, pastel pinks.

With any color, remember to use different shades or variations to create depth. In this table setting I incorporated muted pink in the lilac, pastel pink in the ranunculus, and a peachy pink in the orchids.

Sometimes a small surprise in the palette, such as this dark frittalaria and these green hellebores, adds balance by tempering the sweetness of so much pink.

The dark accents and green textures bring new life to the muted pink tones, and the neutral table linen and clean-cut vase add a touch of sophistication.

Are you working with a pink palette? Let me know if you need any ideas or suggestions for how to bring the overall look together.

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  • Kauai destination wedding: I juest went to the most amazing reception at Plantation Gardens in Kauai and the soft pinks (like your article) made the reception even more beautiful.

  • Thanks! This is really helpful, our wedding is in July (which is Winter here) and our colours we are working with are lots of grey, black, white with a touch of blush pink. The Cameo/Black colour palette from MSW was beautiful and helpful but too much pink for Zac, so these ideas really help. I might ask our florist to include some apricot colours in our flower arrangements, just to soften the whole look.

  • Love it, can hardly wait to get this issue would love the one from 2007, as well. (collecter's edition) THANX OOXX ;-) my favs are teal, gold, pink and burgundy. March 23/2019 for 25'th Wedding Anniversary Celebrations.

  • Beautiful! I've noticed these luminaria before on the site and would love to know where you get them? I'm getting married soon and have searched the internet trying to find them, but can't find anything quite as nice...

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