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Etiquette: A Suit for a Second-Time Bride?

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The other day, a reader (sent via our mailbox) was worried about what to wear at her wedding. This is her second wedding, and she is 60 years old, and she is wondering, among other things, "Should I wear a suit?"

Of course, first she needs to decide the type of party she's going to have. At ANY age a bride should choose her clothes to be in balance with the time of day and the formality of the event. A big party in the evening? That calls for a long, fancy dress. An intimate yet joyful luncheon? A pretty suit.

That reminded me of a conversation with a listener during Martha Stewart Radio's "Living Today" radio show (Tuesdays at 3pm Eastern, at Sirius 112)

This listener, when planning her second wedding, deliberately chose a luncheon, specifically so she *could* wear a smashing suit. Which she wore over and over again.

Why? She had no more patience for an expensive gown that she would wear only once. Been there, done that, bought the T-shirt--er, dress.

Something to think about! Which came first for you -- the gown, or the party?

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  • Personally, I think any woman should wear what makes her feel confident and beautiful at her own wedding, whether that's a dress (sort or long), a suit, white, another pastel, or bright red (it's the wedding color used all over Asia, so think twice before you tell someone they look like a harlot).

    I have seen some gorgeous and dressy pantsuits tat brides have worn - thinks wit enough girlyness or drama to seem appropriate and special for the wedding.

    I really think the only hard and fast rule about wedding attire should be: wear what makes you feel happy, confident, and beautiful. Try not to give grandmother a heart attack while doing so".

  • I think you have to consider a number of things starting with the longevity of the previous relationship. If the first marriage lasted 25 years than I wouldn't recommend a second time bride wear a wedding gown, rather I would suggest a gorgeous suit. However, if the bride-to-be eloped when she was 17 and the relationship ended three years later than a gown is okay. You must also consider the amount of time that has passed between the marriage.

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