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Fashion: Fit In Clouds Flats

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Posted by Sherri Caudell Brennan, Shopping and Fashion Market Expert

Anyone who's ever been a bridesmaid knows the pain of spending a day standing and dancing in heels. What bride wants that on her wedding day? So, I found a great flat to change into whenever you want! Fit In Clouds's "Clouds" flats are portable ballet
slippers with a thick rubber sole for comfort and protection. At under $25 (plus free shipping to the US and Canada), there's a lot to love about them, but the best part is they fold up into a pouch just slightly bigger than an i-phone to fit right into your purse.
They're also machine washable--score!

The white "Wedding After Party" flats are a popular seller at $18.95, but I'm also really into the silver sequin flats at $24.95. I'd gladly take my heels off for a chance to walk on air!

Picture 23 Picture 27
Photos courtesy of Fit In Clouds  

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  • These are fabulous!! I just ordered the silver sequin ones for my wedding... 'Cause Lord knows my beautiful 3" heels will be killin' me by the end of the day!

  • I bought a pair of these last month for this exact purpose. They are amazing!

  • I found out about these on and this company has been amazing to work with! I e-mailed them because I was looking for purple and they wrote back before the day was over and told me they do dyable! And it can match the swatches of your bridesmaids dresses!!! Love this company, communication has been perfect!

  • Fit in Clouds can also be found for Canadians on along with a bunch of other items great for brides!

  • Love them!

  • Great suggestions. Thanks!

  • yeah, I've used them too. but I found more affordable rollable, elegant flats! you might like it too! they are called afterflats

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