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Ivy League

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Posted by Katie Hatch, Style Director

It's almost back to school time, so I've been thinking a lot about the rituals of fall, which, somehow, is right around the corner! Naturally, I've turned to ivy, those verdant vines that wrap around college campuses and romantic English cottages alike. It's an under-appreciated plant in general, but when you put it together in certain ways, it can have a great impact. I love it when you pile on the greens as shown in the room below. (Click on the pictures for links to the stories and how-tos online.)


Or you can make sweet little votive details by wrapping it around the edges of jars, as shown here. These would be great running down the table as a distinctive centerpiece if you did them in mixed sizes; in the smaller size, they could decorate an escort card table or guestbook area.


I love the idea of using tiers of long planters as a ceremony site marker. It could work indoors or outside, and it would be relatively inexpensive. The best part? It could return to your home as a decor item and reminder of your special day. Take advantage of the plant's natural hanging tendrils to create impact.


And of course you can use ivy in your bouquet. This one was made by Matthew Robbins.


Like I said, I like it best when it's used generously and paired only with other greens and some whites. In fact, this way, I think it could be a great alternative to using flowers at all. And of course it could inspire an invitation motif that could be carried throughout the paper elements of the day. How do you feel about ivy?  Would you considering using it or any other just green plant to decorate your wedding?

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  • Love the ivy wrapped votives- great diy/budget idea!

  • I love how the ivy and greens are at the same time elegant and understated, while being just as easily transformed into a bold and striking look. The bouquet has an almost regal quality to it!

  • Katie, thanks for using the image of my ivy bouquet! It is nice to see that decadent bouquet again! I remember really enjoying working on that of my first with the magazine! Cascading bouquets are always a challenge but extremely beautiful and dramatic.

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