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Distinct Bouquets

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Posted by Kate Berry, Floral and Events Expert

I was a floral designer for years before I became a style editor at Martha Stewart Weddings. For over a decade, I met with brides to discuss their color palette, what flowers they liked and disliked, what shape bouquet they preferred, and so on. I miss having that initial conversation with the bride to help create and carry out her vision for her special day. Don't get me wrong, I love, love creating content to inspire, but, I'm wondering what real brides out there are leaning towards. Let's start with the bouquet.

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Here are some bouquets that have graced the pages of Weddings. Are you a bride that prefers the tailored round bouquet of only one flower (top row), or perhaps you'd like to try something different (middle row) —no flowers at all. Would you use charming butterflies or soothing seashells, or something else entirely? Or maybe you're into a lush, flowing mix of flowers (bottom row)? I like them all but definitely favor the mix. (In fact, here's the bouquet I chose for my wedding.)

Which style are you choosing for your wedding?

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  • I love the idea of "non-traditional" bouquets. The butterfly bouquet is so adorable.

  • I love a mix of flowers that are not too fussy and look like they have just been picked!

  • Kate! How funny, when I opened the link to your bouquet I realized I actually have your bouquet saved in my "favs" folder! It's beautiful!

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