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Posted by Jennifer Miranda, Associate Editor

When it comes to traveling, I'm definitely not much of a wanderer. Sure, I'll do a bit of roaming on the spot, but I'll also research that spot to death before even stepping foot on a plane, and that half day of roaming usually figures neatly into my carefully laid out plans. It's not exactly spontaneous, but, after all, it's not every day I find myself in Europe, or Australia, or Texas, even, and I want to see EVERYTHING! So, when I stumble upon some beautiful hidden square in the least likely of places, or pop into some store off the beaten path and find the best souvenir for my little sister, I appreciate it that much more.

But what about you? Are you a wanderer or a planner? And is there anyone out there who plans to just completely wing it on their honeymoon? Where are you going? I guess some locations are more conducive to the wandering lifestyle than others, but I can understand wanting never to plan another thing post-wedding for as long as you both shall live. In fact, I'm starting to feel that way, and I'm only a bridesmaid in my friend's wedding!

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  • We're moving to London so we'll kinda wing it when we get there. We figure it's great to have mini trips all over Europe!

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