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Introducing the Bridal Party

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Posted by Talley Sue Hohlfeld, Etiquette Expert

At most of the big, formal receptions I've been to, there's an emcee of some sort, and a Grand Entrance of the entire wedding party, complete with introductions by the emcee.

However, often those introductions are not complete. "Please put your hands together for Josh and Amy!" calls out the deejay. Who, exactly, are Josh and Amy? Well, they're in uniform, so they're clearly somehow connected to the bride and groom. But how?

Perhaps it doesn't matter who they are exactly, but one of our readers believes that it's important to provide a more proper introduction. In her exact words, "The whole point of the intro is so that guests aren't wondering, "Who is that girl and why is she wearing that special dress and sitting up there with the bride?"

The point of a wedding is to strengthen and widen the social circle
of the new family. Introductions are a huge part of that. And a name is
not a complete introduction. Of course it will be hard to introduce
everyone to everyone, but you can certainly introduce people to the
friends and family who stand up with you.

 I've been to weddings at which the emcee said something like, "Josh is the groom's college roommate, and he plays a mean saxophone; Amy is the youngest sister of the bride, and is particularly beloved for her warm sense of humor!"

Now *that* is an introduction! When I find myself next to Josh in the buffet line, I can say, "Do you get much chance to play the sax lately? How long have you been playing?" or "What did you major in at Georgetown?" And when Amy stops by to say hello, I can say, "So what was the bride like as a kid?" or "Are you the sister who challenged her to the race up the stairs, where she got that scar on her knee?"

When my husband and I married, we introduced our wedding party by putting info about them in our program. I know that this helped break the ice for them, because I saw people approach them to make conversation.

Have you thought about how to introduce your wedding party?

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  • I totally agree. The ones that are there to help you with this shindig should get props!
    We have a pretty detailed wedding website that introduces all the important people in our wedding. Hopefully this will make everyone more comfortable with knowing us all!

  • I put how they were related (friend of the bride or cousin of the groom, etc.) in the program, but I didn't do a grand entrance. I kind of figured no one would care that much, but maybe I'm wrong!

  • I really want to do something different but haven't come across anything like that yet - until I read about the swords held above the bride and groom as a bridge - well, I got to thinking and came up with a softer way of doing that exact same kind of thing, no crazy rehearsals needed, instead of the swords, I'm going to have each couple stretch a fuschia feather boa high above their heads so that my new husband and I can walk underneathe it, and when we get to the end of our massive tunnel (bridal party of 18 people!!!) that's when we'll jump in and dance to my faveorite song - I want to grow old with yo by Adam Sandler. It prbably sounds a little cheesy - but I've already cried just picturing it in my head - and thats when you know you've got the right idea for your wedding! Wish me luck!

  • My fiancée and I are getting married in Portugal. I really like the idea of having a wedding party introduction, but my partner who's Portuguese doesn't as he thinks it is not part of the 'Portuguese way'. He seems to think that people will be looking at us as though we are trying to be in some kind of a 'Theatre act'. How can I introduce the wedding party without making it sound cheesy or part of an act?

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