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Cold Comfort

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Posted by Jennifer Miranda, Associate Editor

Summer has finally arrived in New York City, and, frankly, maybe we were better off without it! It's humid and muggy and damp, which makes for a less than fresh ride on a cramped subway car—not to mention the pile of frizz on top of my head (think Monica in that episode of Friends).

Do you hate the humidity as much as I do? If so, maybe a cold-weather honeymoon is in order. Everyone always talks about hitting the beach in Hawaii or Mexico with their new hubbies—and don't get me wrong, I love all those places, too, so long as I'm equipped with a killer ponytail—but I'm wondering if anyone is trekking out to, say, Nepal. Or skiing the French Alps this winter. Or cruising through Antarctica. Now, I know marshmallowy puffy coats don't scream sexy the way a slinky slip dress does, but there's got to be someone out there who finds snuggling by the fireplace just as romantic as watching the waves crash at sunset.

Any takers?

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  • Park City, Utah. Cold, dry, and very romantic.

  • My husband and I went to the Northwest (Seattle and Portland) to honeymoon after our June wedding. It wasn't quite fireplace weather, but having to wear sweaters every night and some days was a lovely change from the heat and humidity of the Mid-Atlantic!

  • We went to the opposite... Key West. As much fun as we had we definitely weren't into cuddling anywhere outside of the hotel room; I think heat heat index was over 100 each day! The idea of going somewhere cooler where all you want to do is snuggle up into each others arms sounds utterly romantic and perfect for a honeymoon.

  • In a strange turn of events, I will actually be going skiing in the French Alps next March. I'll be sure to report back and let you know just how honeymoon-worthy a location it really is!

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