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Summer Palette: White & Green

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Posted by Matthew Robbins, Contributor

Last weekend I managed find a few minutes for photos during our busy day creating a beautiful white and green wedding. As I ran through the space in my energized "event day mode," I was delightfully reminded of how much I truly love white flowers mixed with fresh herbs like mint, rosemary, and oregano. It is such a refreshing, clean, crisp mix for an early or late summer wedding. The white blooms have an effortless beauty, and when you mix in fragrant mint, it just looks and smells like perfection! 

Here is Jo, our event director, finishing the ribbon treatment on the beautiful bridal bouquet and bridesmaids bouquets featuring lush white peonies, lily of the valley, orchids, mini callas, and touches of fresh mint and mini hosta leaves. 

WHITEGREEN1 (1 of 1)

WHITEGREEN14 (1 of 1)

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The white delphinium are so exquisite and totally perfect on their own in tall silver or glass vases. We used these for dramatic arrangements in the dining room. The white centers have a delicate green tone, so they were perfect for our white and green palette! 

WHITEGREEN5 (1 of 1)

WHITEGREEN13 (1 of 1)

I actually grow this mint in my own garden and cut buckets of it for last weekend's events. I like to bring it along as a nice surprise for my clients who always love textural and foliage surprises in the centerpieces and bouquets we create. We also used Alchemilla (Lady's Mantle) and fresh rosemary—all things you can grow in your own garden!

WHITEGREEN9 (1 of 1)

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I never use greens, vines, or foliage as "filler" for bouquets or floral arrangements. The foliage should appear as an important design element in the finished arrangements. Use fresh herbs to finish a bouquet with a fragrant collar, or add rosemary to frame delicate roses. The combination is fantastic, and the green textures will bring beauty and contrast to an otherwise classic and formal white arrangement!

WHITEGREEN11 (1 of 1)

WHITEGREEN7 (1 of 1)

Have a look at these bouquets I created for a story in Martha Stewart Weddings. They all feature white blooms and a touch of color. White flowers range from pure crisp white or ivory/cream to the softest and most subtle blush tones. You can never go wrong with a white bridal bouquet! Let me know if you have any questions for how to use white flowers in your wedding decor or a variation on a white palette!

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  • Hey Matthew-
    I'd like to do all white flowers..but in the fall. Would I still use herbs, or is there some other greenery you'd suggest?

  • Hi Brooke,
    Fresh herbs are abundant and perfect in the summer months. For an autumn wedding I would suggest mixing in green hypericum berry, olive foliage and euonymus is always great for a good green in various tones. You can also find oak, maple and other trees in the autumn with touches of color but primarily green. It really depends on the variety and the season.
    If you want to bring in a touch of autumn I suggest using a mix of warmer white tones such as cream, ivory and champagne combined with orange, red and/or gold autumn foliage and textures. This creates a dramatic and stunning contrast!

  • Beautiful!

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