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Perfect Timing

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Posted by Kate Berry, Floral and Event Expert

Why do people get married when they do? Is it because of the temperature and location, the seasonal food and the flowers, or do some just want get married as soon as possible for one reason or another? 
When I got married, those were all deciding factors, with the exception of rushing into it, and they all melded together beautifully to create the palette — and look and feel — we wanted.

Our wedding was made up of golds, apricots, greens, and wheat, and everything that was a part of our wedding went with the palette. Even the food. I love all the delicacies that are available in the summer: sweet corn, heirloom carrots, golden beets and tomatoes, artisanal breads, and so on. And I LOVE garden roses, which are available in every color in Northern California, but my friends, Roy and Jose at Brannan Street, managed to get me every garden rose available in the palette. All the hills and foliage turn a golden yellow color in late September, which was a perfect backdrop for our wedding.  Even the raspberries on our friend's beautiful San Anselmo property were gold! 

But if you don't have a preference as to when you get married, and you want seasonal (read affordable) flowers, I would say right about now is the perfect time to get married. Around June 1, you have the best of both seasons for flowers. You still have amazing field tulips, sweet peas, vibernum, peonies, lilac, and so much more.  Plus garden roses and dahlias are starting to sprout up!


This arrangement, from Paul Robertson Floral Design, is the perfect example of what I'm talking about. There are spring peonies, and vibernum, as well as summer garden roses, mint, and dahlias. If you marry at this time of year, you have about 2 -3 weeks to get all of these varieties without paying an arm and a leg.

When are you getting married, and what factors went into your decision?

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  • I got married in July of 05. My bridesmaids wore black and white so I wanted my flowers to represent bold, colorful hues. My only other requirement was hydrangeas. I heart hydrangeas so I had lots of them - green, lavendar and white ones.

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