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Carnival Colors

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Posted by Lauren Richel, Color and Design Expert

Blue, Red, Pink, Yellow, and Orange

Well, it’s officially Summer—the season of county fairs and local carnivals. Maybe I’m just nostalgic, but I’ve always loved the carousels, the cotton candy, the bright colors and neon lights, and stripes, stripes, stripes! Why not let the colors of this cheerful summer event inspire your wedding palette? The vibrant diner booth below reminds me of a twirling carnival ride, and the dessert buffet from our winter 2004 story below shows snow cones, caramel apples, cotton candy, and fried dough — all perfect treats to serve at a summer wedding. I love the unexpected rainbow of colors in this floral shot from our "Bouquets By Color" story — a bouquet incorporating this combination would definitely add a bit of whimsy. And check out the fun save the date cards below, inspired by carnival tickets. Combine this vibrant palette with a playful font like DeLouisville and your affair is sure to be a crowd pleaser.

Brighter, more playful colors for a wedding are growing in popularity. Is anyone out there going bolder with their palette?


Left to right: diner booth image by Johanna Langford; floral image from our bouquets story (spring 2008); caramel apples from our dessert buffet story (winter 2007); couple on carousel from photographer Leo Patrone. Left to right bottom row: carnival stand dessert buffet (winter 2004); candies; save the date cards from summer 2008.

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