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Posted by Marisa Sellitti, Stationery Expert

It's still a ways off, but my husband and I are planning a trip to the South (West) of France in early June to celebrate a dear friend's wedding, and I'm really looking forward to it! Our plan is to relax in the countryside for a few days, then head to the City of Light! As I was thinking about the trip, I couldn't resist sharing with you a few my favorite haunts (paper related, of course) in Paris. (Or maybe it was the Paris honeymoon feature in our Spring issue—on newsstands now—that inspired me.)

For me, Paris is so full of inspiration. Where else can you find boutiques dedicated to ribbons, taxidermy, journals, and diaries. A trip to Paris always includes a visit to the following:

130, Rue du Bac
75007 Paris
Oh, those Sweeds! Bookbinders Design stocks the most beautiful cloth-covered notebooks, journals, and albums and displays them in spectral order (seriously brilliant!). They are simple, handcrafted, and would make the perfect guestbook or photo album. There are so many gorgeous colors (so hard to choose) you'll be sure to find one in you palette, I promise. I've been thinking about keeping scrapbooks for the little one and can't wait to stock up while I'm there.

Bookbinders design01
Bookbinders design 02

Marie papier 2


26, Rue Vavin
75006 Paris

Marie Papier is my destination of choice for writing paper and simple note cards and envelopes. If you love paper like I do, this quaint little shop in Montparnasse will not disappoint. The cards and envelopes come in every possible format and the widest range of colors I have ever seen. I love to mix and match
depending on the person I am writing to and the occasion.

P.S. I have a little confession: I purchased all my wedding stationery from this shop, shipped it back to NYC, and had it letterpressed here. (Of course, I'm not suggesting you do this—I do have a practical side.)

What crazy things are you doing in the name of quality paper products? Do you have a passion for pretty paper? I can't be the only person who searched far and wide for good wedding stationery, right?


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  • My first love is paper! I purchase hand-made paper form all over the world and have even created my own business creating wedding and special occasion frames with it. I can get lost in the paper stores in Europe for hours. Glad to see I'm not the only one who has a passion for paper.

  • I am such a journal junkie! These are so great! Thanks for sharing!

  • love love love love love!

  • I have been the the Swedish Bookbinders Store in Melbourne Australia and it is simply stunning to say the least. The staff have a passion for the product and will give you the most oustanding service. I love the fabrics and colours you can choose from.
    Thanks to Bookbinders

  • I was on my way to Paris, reading my Martha Stewart magazine and decided to stop in to see some of the paper stores they have to offer. I didn't know such wonderful stores exist. I went to many of them but my favorite is the Bookbinders Design store, when I went to their website I noticed they are everywhere in the world, including where I live. I will be sure to let everyone know re this magical store that truely is an inspiration to those of us who love stationary. I especially loved their photo albums covered in the fabric. I will NEVER buy chinese made again as I couldn't believe how resonable the prices were for something that is hand crafted in Sweden!!!
    Love you bookbinders,

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