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Canopy of Orchids

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Posted by Kate Berry, Floral and Event Expert


There are lots of ways to get your guests' attention at your reception: a room filled with flickering votives, a beautifully formal table setting, boldly-colored tablecloths. But what if, instead, you opted for a refreshingly innovative centerpiece idea?

Last Sunday I made it all the way over to the New York Botanical Garden for the last day of the orchid show. The showcase of orchids
was wonderful, and there were even a few orchids on view that I had never seen before, but for me, the show stopper was the last atrium, where there were
bursts of different colors everywhere, like the finale of a fireworks

I particularly loved this display! There were three of these
arrangements of dripping greens and phalaenopsis orchids hanging above
for a really dramatic look. My picture doesn't do it justice, but trust
me, it was amazing. It got me thinking: I would love to do this or work
with a florist to do this for a wedding. Wouldn't it be so cool to walk
into a tent and have these hanging above your table, maybe instead of
centerpieces? Or, if your budget doesn't allow for it, it would be
great as a ceremony marker or altar decoration. Cut 'Phales' are super
easy to get, and they come in white, pale yellow/ light green, as well
as the color below. And I think your guests will be surprised by such a unique display.

Orchid Show
What do you think of it? Would you consider an installation like this at your wedding in place of more traditional centerpieces? Or as an altar decoration?

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  • This is a beautiful idea! I've got to find a way to implement it into one of my weddings!
    Thanks for sharing!

  • I would love to install this for my wedding this coming June. Do you have any suggestion what to do?

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