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Oh Scrap!

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Posted by Katie Hatch, Style Director

Before the Winter issue is off newsstands, I wanted to give you one more reason to fall in love with our scrapbooking paper story (see our online gallery here). It has so many great, simple ideas for personalizing your wedding. At the CHA (the craft trade show), I saw so many pretty new papers that are coming out for spring. I especially loved the offerings from SEI, like the Mimosa


and the Mint Julep.


I also loved the Tarragon


and the Anise.


What I love about that story is how the projects can be so different and personal to your wedding. Take these cute chocolate favors. They can be understated, elegant, or playful and fun depending on the papers you choose.


Photo by Johnny Miller

I like the idea of going with something unexpected—a little bolder (like the first two papers) or understated (like the last two papers)—than the classic toile or white choices.

I would love to know if any of you have tried these ideas (or plan to) and what kinds of papers you used!

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  • Hi Darcy,
    First off I must say....ahhhhhh I adore all things scrap, and those papers are to die for....that being said, the real reason I am getting in touch with you via your blog, is for information.
    I am the studio coordinator for Adam Barnes Fine Art Photography, Inc. I'm working on gathering information about submitting to Martha Stewart Weddings in order to be featured in your magazine. Could you please send me any information you may have on deadlines for these puplications if any.
    Thank you for your time.

  • Ooh pretty paper! maybe you could use for envelope liners too? especially love the tarragon and anise. so pretty.

  • I love those adorable!-jen:)

  • So lovely; I was searching for some more traditional ideas for a friend's wedding, but these are wonderful.

  • Sorry, I missed of the end of that comment - "So lovely; I was searching for some more traditional ideas for a friend's wedding, but these are wonderful."

    I meant to add that I have now decided to go for something a little bolder after taking a look at these ideas. thank you.

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