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Monogram Options

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Posted by Darcy Miller, Editorial Director

We are always looking for ways to personalize your wedding. Monogramming is one classic way to make your special event your own. Brides call and write us all the time asking about the “how to’s” of monogramming, so here is a quick lesson. Below you'll find different design inspirations and monogram combinations. Which is your favorite?


The Art of the Seal (G&K)
This example allows the monogram to have a starring role in the stationery suite, favor box, and even the cookie inside the box. Here, we used the initials of both bride and groom last names.


Perfectly Scripted (WAN)
This is an example of combined initials seen in more than one combination. The stationery suite displays the initials of the bride and groom's first and last names on the invitation, the bride’s first and last name on the reply card, and a single shared initial (that of the groom's last name) is stamped on the favor box and table number.


With a Flourish (LHJ)
This is a great example of a completely unique design that was hand lettered just for the couple. The monogram (made of the initials of the bride and groom's first names and their shared last name) on the hand engraved invitation lends a sense of formality; one as elegant at this can last a lifetime, and the hand-embroidered napkin can be a nice keepsake after the wedding.


Screened Gems (AB & NR)
This silk-screened method allows for a cheerful and colorful look, complete with a silk-screened favor box, ribbon, and color-coordinated dragees.

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  • I adore wax seals! We're using a single letter monogram to seal the toss packets and favors, and will use the same monogram on the invitations and other paper goods.

  • LOVE the wax seals... is there any instructions on how to create this look? Was it done by a company or by hand? Thanks!

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