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Announcing an Elopement

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Posted by Darcy Miller, Editorial Director

Recently I was asked about announcing an elopement:

“My groom and I eloped and couldn’t be happier with our ceremony, but our parents feel left out. How can we include them?”

I say send a wedding announcement. That way, no one will be waiting for a wedding invitation that will never come, and everyone will know that you are actually married as opposed to still engaged. The announcement should be made the same way you'd make a traditional wedding announcement. In fact, you shouldn't use the word elopement at all. To include your parents, follow the traditional model: “Mr. and Mrs. James Smith have the honor of announcing the marriage of their daughter Sally Smith to Mr. Eric Scott on Saturday, the fourteenth of September, two thousand and two.” If you're making the announcement yourselves, you might say: “Sally Smith and Eric Scott announce their marriage."

Another idea? Some people who have small weddings also decide to have a celebration afterward. You could even play your wedding video and display photos at the celebration. I went to a friend's wedding celebration this year, and they had actually gotten married a few days earlier surrounded by their immediate family. At the celebration they had blow ups of  photos from their wedding day so people could feel that they were part of that day as well.


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  • That's a great idea, to send a wedding announcement. I've gotten a few of those when the couple was getting married on the other side of the country and knew I couldn't attend. Great advise.

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