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Pronovias and New Yorkers for Children Foundation

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I attended the New Yorkers for Children Foundation 2008 Fall Gala with my friends from Pronovias (which, by the way, has the most incredible new store in midtown Manhattan). It was at Cipriani 42nd Street and David Stark did the decor, which was fabulous.

There were two decor ideas of David's that I thought could be helpful in figuring out wedding decor. First, he mixed table shapes so it was not a huge sea of round tables. He divided the room of round tables by one very long rectangular table; it could be fun to do this for your bridal party -- it's hard to fit all of those bridesmaids, parents, etc., at a single round table.

And if you don't want to split people up, a very long table can be helpful (also, if you have family politics that are tricky, it's a good way to sit divorced parents all at your table without them having to sit right across from each other).

David also works hard to strike a balance between elegance and conceptual -- he combined elegant flowers while incorporating fun composition notebook patterns to remind guests of the cause they were there for. I always love David's work -- check out this bouquet he did for us in the magazine.


For more bouquets, check out Martha Stewart Weddings.


Sarah L. Burton, retail director; Lluis Sole, operations manager; and me



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  • What a great idea to mix table shapes. I've never seen anyone do that before. Are we so addicted to symmetry that the thought of mismatched is heretical? Seems practical and interesting now! Thanks for the great tip!

  • Hi Darcy,
    I was wondering if it was possible to submit my wedding for the "real weddings". I am a Landscape Designer and was very active in planing every detail of my big day (8-2-08). The location at my parent's 20 acre farm was beautiful. I think my wedding would be great to show as an example of a DIY wedding that blew everyone away on a modest budget. The homemade blackberry jam I made for favors was a big hit. If you are interested please email me and I will email you the weblink to my pictures.
    Thank you,

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