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Vera Wang and Bloomingdale's

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I had the privilege of interviewing Vera Wang at Bloomingdale's about her amazing Wedgwood line, her experience with celebrity brides, how to pick your registry, and so much more. On Vera's site, she breaks down the four types of brides: the traditionalist, the modernist, the sensualist, and the individualist.

Vera and I discussed that many brides have a little of each characteristic, especially when determining what their wedding style will be. It's that mix that makes each couple individual and results in a unique and personal wedding registry. If you're near the Bloomingdale's flagship store in New York City, check out their table settings in the registry department and think about what kind of bride you are. As Vera suggested, engagement is just the beginning of the planning process. There is plenty of time to determine what type of bride you are to create the perfect registry for you.

Pictured from left to right: Lord Wedgwood; Vera Wang; Lou Scala, president of Wedgwood, Royal Doulton, and Rosenthal; Darcy Miller; and Joanna Kartalis of Bloomingdale's Registry.


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  • It was a great event! Vera Wang was incredibly charming and you both gave great advice! Plus you can't go wrong with amazing gift bags, thanks!

  • This had to be super exciting. Interviewing Vera Wang, WOW

  • Wow, you are so lucky to have met and spoke to her! She is the essence of chic style and elegance in her work. and saw that they also sell gowns there as I am looking for a Vera Wang type wedding gown, I did find something amazing on there in Vera Wang's style. The diamond rings on there were also to die for. Send me a Vera Wang gift bag haha!

  • Michelle: I would if I could! Good Luck finding a beautiful dress. I see many Vera dresses on ebay and some New York consignment stores, not sure if you live around here. Places like the are great places to find these treasures!

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