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Holiday Weekends or not?

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Brides often wonder whether it is appropriate to have a wedding on a
holiday weekend like Memorial Day. Some fear that guests may already
have vacation plans during that time and others think that it may even
be rude to ask people to give up a long weekend for their wedding.

Only you know your guests. Some families may be unhappy with the idea
while others may be excited to have special plans. In my opinion, a
holiday weekend can be a great time to invite guests to a destination
wedding. Many people go out of town so why not have them enjoy a
beautiful destination? Another perk is that a long weekend allows for
extra travel time and an extra day to enjoy the wedding location. One
thing to remember is that you should be sure to secure a good hotel rate
as holiday weekends tend to be more expensive.

What do you think about getting married on a holiday weekend? Have you
attended other weddings that have made your holiday weekend a great
excuse for a mini-vacation? Or is it too much of a financial burden and
time commitment for your guests?


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  • We are getting married on Labor Day and it has helped us get better rates with our vendors. Who gets married on a Monday? We were also able to book our venue 9 months out when it is usually booked a year and a half in advance.

  • We are also getting married over Labor Day weekend. We're getting married in West Virginia and the families are from New York and Tennessee. The extra day for travel is the only way we could get our families together without them feeling rushed.

  • We're getting married on the Saturday of Columbus Day weekend. No one--not our guests or our vendors--seem to think it's a big deal or treat it differently than any other Saturday. Part of the reason we chose it is so that we can always celebrate our anniversary on the long weekend!

  • Because I am Jewish, almost every wedding I have ever been to has been on a 3-day weekend, since Jewish weddings cannot be held on the Sabbath. Rather than have a Friday night or Sunday wedding requiring people to take a day off of work for flights (we are very spread out), everyone just has them on the Sunday of a 3 day weekend... and we're no different, and we're getting married this Sunday on Memorial Day! To help ease the burden for any friends and family friends who are not Jewish and weren't expecting the holiday weekend wedding, we sent out our Save-the-Dates a full YEAR in advance. Since so many of our guests own homes on the Jersey shore that they "open" for the season on Memorial Day, we wanted them to know before last Memorial Day that they would have the option to attend our wedding this year, so if they wanted to come, they shouldn't volunteer to host any BBQs, etc.
    Plus, the other benefit is that since we chose to get married in my fiance's hometown of Philadelphia, the city will be empty, since everyone goes to the shore!

  • I have never been to a long week-end wedding. Personally, I would be thrilled to celebrate a friend's or family member's wedding on a long week-end! However, I would want ample notice, so I could accommodate or change traditional long week-end plans. That being said, a save-the-date or even verbal / email head's up would suffice! And if I didn't have notice and it wasn't for someone with whom I was particularly close, I'd send my regrets and best wishes (with absolutely no ill will).

  • When I got married, we decided to have our wedding the Friday following Christmas (4 days after), that way most of our family would be in town already, and many friends were still on Christmas vacation from work or school. It ended up working great; everyone was relaxed because the busy rush of Christmas was over, yet they were still in the festive, holiday mood. I think that weddings on Holiday weekends are a good idea, because people have more free time, and they can truly relax and enjoy your special day with you.

  • when we were searching for the perfect venue in the mountains of montana, the only wkend that would work for many reasons (main one being availability of that perfect venue), was labor day, much to my dismay. living on the east coast i know how much my new york city friends loooove their 3 day holiday wkends. in fact, one friends actually said 'you know, you broke the cardinal rule of wedding planning.' i said 'well, if you want to spend that final weekend of the summer on the shore, that's your choice.' she's coming to the wedding. i did feel a bit guilty about choosing that wkend but realized not only was it the perfect location but the majority of our friends loved the idea of having an extra few days in montana. most never would have wandered out that way but always said they'd love to go. all in all, i'm happy. we're getting married that wkend and on a friday. we will have the rest of the wkend for a western bbq, hiking, fly fishing, etc.! we had no problem getting great hotel rates for our guests.

  • My FH and I are getting married next year (Memorial Day Weekend) and our guests love the idea. We both live in Georgia and most of our guests are out of state, so its perfect!

  • The Jewish wedding I just got back from was held this weekend (Memorial Day). It was held at the bride's family-friend's estate... a six hour drive for most guests. She's had the spot picked out since she was... three?
    There was no way they would have it on the Sabbath (Saturday before sundown) and no way they could have pulled it off, being so far, if guests had to go to work on Monday. So this was the only way.
    I was happy to have plans.

  • I say YES to Holiday Weekends!!! They are particularly good destination weddings, for one gets a extra day to travel!
    Newport and Hampton Weddings

  • I love the idea of having weddings on a holiday weekend. For guests traveling out of town, having three days really makes a difference in timing. As an example, I recently traveled from NYC to Orcas Island in Washington State. I had to take red-eye flights each way, then drive 2 hours, then jump on a ferry. If this was over a three day weekend, then I wouldn't of had to take time off of work to fit it in.

  • I'm having my wedding on Labor Day Weekend in a destination location for almost 70% of my guests- at first I was hesitant to "make plans" for my guests, but when people got so excited about getting to go stay somewhere beautiful for a holiday I realized it was a good thing! I know it irks some people, but if you do it in a place that will be fun to visit, and for various cultural reasons that people understand (I'm jewish so had to be Sunday as we didn't want to pay for the expense of a Sat. night in a city) then really it is a good thing all around!

  • It's a good idea. However, sometimes multiple weddings can occur during the same holiday weekend. So you may run the risk of losing some guests. This upcoming labor day weekend - I have 3 weddings on the same day. So unfortunately I have to pass on two...

  • I think this totally depends on the holiday and your family. We are getting married over Fourth of July weekend because it is a longer weekend and most of our guests need to travel. In our families, the Fourth of July isn't a big deal. We normally get together with family for fireworks and picnic, but there isn't a major tradition and nobody normally vacations at that time, so we're not messing up anyone's plans. Christmas would have been a different story in our families. I think guests would have felt put-out if we had tried to interupt their traditions with a wedding.

  • From a vendors perspective: Over the years I have had many clients use a Holiday to create a long weekend of wedding events, such as having a brunch the day after the wedding or a evening cookout. The bride and groom up until the wedding are busy with last minute details and by using the long weekend can enjoy the day or two afters to spend more time with their loved ones.

  • I think that it probably matters what 3-day weekend you choose. Some are much more popular than others for people to go away - increasing the likelihood that your invited guests may have plans...
    We at LCI Paper have been hearing a lot about Friday weddings lately. This is used by many as a way to keep costs down. Apparently, a Friday is not considered "prime time" so many wedding venues charge less for weddings on a Friday as compared to a Saturday. I seem to also recall a recent Boston Globe Magazine article about this. A Friday wedding on a 3-day weekend may be a way to allow people to attend the wedding and still go away...

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