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Martha's 500th Show

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Today I attended the taping of the 500th Martha Stewart Show. To celebrate the occasion, Okamoto Studio created a beautiful ice sculpture and it inspired me to share other beautiful ways to use ice in your wedding.

While most people think of cliched swans when they think of ice sculptures, I once worked with a bride whose caterer created a bus out of ice for her wedding. It seems an unusual choice, but the couple first met on a public bus -- he followed her off and asked for her number. Then, a few years later he proposed as they drove past a bus stop that he had decorated with tissue paper bells. So, you see, for them a bus was actually a romantic symbol.


Okamoto Studio's sculpture for Martha's 500th show


This ice bar was also created by Shintaro Okamoto of Okamoto Studio. Seafood appetizers and drinks are set into hand-carved depressions so they keep cool.


Shrimp cocktail is arranged on elaborate ice tiers

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  • I adore the ice bar setup and actually love this trend that seems to be ever-growing in popularity. I would imagine that Martha's 500th episode celebration was absolutely spectacular as well!
    I absolutely love your blog and have added you to my favorite links for daily inspiration.

  • I love these ice sculptures! Something really different and not cheesy at all - I'm impressed!

  • Congratulations!

  • They showed pics of this shrimp bar on ice sculptures in a recent issue - also there were photos of a drink table with huge glass jars filled with punch. They looked like they could be 5 gallon mason jars or something. Does anyone know where I can get those? I'd like to use them as part of the centerpieces for my wedding. Thanks!

  • Ice is nice and the right lighting can really make it pop!

  • Ice is nice and the right lighting can really make it pop!

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